“Trump is the 'New celebrity President' since he is very different from how politicians usually are. Trump claims himself to be a change, hence he uses language that he considers as right,” said Prof. Mathew Allen, Head of School, Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University, Australia. He was speaking at the workshop on Fake News and Alternative Facts, organized at SPICE Mumbai on Tuesday 21st March 2017. Fr Dominic D'Silva, Director, gave the welcome address and introduced the speaker to the participants. Carol Andrade, the Dean, also addressed the students on how we have been a Bakra at least once in our lives, becoming prey to the Fake News. Besides SPICE students, Wilson college and HR College students too attended the workshop.

He showed how Donald Trump categorizes news that he doesn't like as an alternative fact, lowering its status to mere opinion. Prof. Allen felt that though shocking, it's true that media now runs on money rather than on the truth. However, he was happy to note that in India media still wields some kind of power as the fourth estate.

The workshop concluded with an interactive question hour. On a concluding note, Prof. Allen commended that it's ultimately up to us to work ethically in any stream of media as truth always works.

Besides the workshop, Prof. Allen’s visit to the SPICE was very crucial for further strengthening our relationship with the Deakin University.