On Saturday 03 June 2017, nine of our Aspirants: Albert Kunkal, Amit Kullu, Ankit Ekka, Ashwin Ranjan Kujur, Atish Tete, Chakkananickal Thomas, Christopher Chettiar, Kulkant Kiro, Paga Nikhil Christuraj were admitted to the year of Postulancy in the community of Mumbai during the feast day mass of Mary Queen of the Apostles. During the ceremony the aspirants expressed their willingness and preparedness to enter the year of Postulancy as a preparation for the Novitiate. In his homily, Fr Devasia, the Vicar Provincial, exhorted the candidates to remain faithful to the Pauline vocation and spiritual life and make use of the many opportunities to grow and mature as Pauline Religious. He also reminded them about the need to be disciplined seminarians.

While appreciating the step these young brothers have taken in their lives, let us recommend them to our Blessed mother to have a fruitful experience during the year of Postulancy.


Agenda Paolina


† SSP: Fr. Giuseppe Epaminonda (2003) - Fr. Luciano Giaconia (2013) • FSP: Sr. Maria Fresco (1992) - Sr. Teresina Veglio (1993) - Sr. M. Egidia Vitale (2000) - Sr. Ildefonsa Pivetta (2012) • PD: Sr. M. Bibiana Ravina (1999) - Sr. M. Piera Marin (2013) - Sr. M. Floriana Dal Masetto (2015) • ISF: Adele Cocchieri (2008).


 18/06/2018 By nourishing ourselves with Jesus Christ, little by little our mind will think the way Jesus thought. For example: blessed are the poor, blessed are the meek, blessed are those who mourn their faults, blessed are those who suffer because they will be consoled… (AP 1958/1, p. 114).