Thursday, 9th November 2017, was a red-letter day for SPICE, Mumbai, with the visit of Most Rev. Fr Valdir José De Castro, our Superior General, Fr Celso Godilano and Br Darlei Zanon, General Councillors, Rev. Fr Varghese Gnalian, the Provincial Superior, and Fr Shaiju, the Founding-Director of SPICE, Mumbai.

In honour of the dignitaries, the Institute organised a cultural evening with exciting programmes. Fr Dominic D’Silva, the Director, welcomed the guests and special invitees.

“Today, we have the most modern technologies to communicate, innumerable of them, the question is all about the quality of communication, we need a type of communication to foster human and societal values, and to reinstate sound ethical principles in the field of communication and media,” urged Fr De Castro while addressing the gathering.

Fr Gnalian assured the students that St Pauls Institute will support and stand by with those students who like to be different and are courageous in the field of media. During the programme, Carol Andare, the Dean, felicitated the dignitaries. The entire cultural evening was meticulously planned and executed by SPICE team under the charismatic leadership of Fr Renold Pascal, the Asst. Director. 

Later in the evening, the community of Mumbai together with the Pauline Family representatives celebrated the Holy Eucharist presided over by the Superior General. The agape meal that followed the liturgical celebration, gave every person an opportunity to profoundly experience the true spirit of Pauline Family.


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† SSP: Fr. Tito Della Bartola (1972) - D. Armando Gualandi (1982) - D. Armando Giovannini (1991) - D. Egidio Spagnoli (2014) - Fr. Carmelino Bison (2016) • FSP: Sr. Ida Mazzucato (2015) • PD: Sr. M. Luisa Fallado (2006) •IGS: D. Angelo Mazzia (2015) • IMSA: Vincenza Lionetti (2009) - María Librada González Rodríguez (2015) • ISF: Benito Filemón Villa (1996) - Mario Pietrofeso (2004).


 18/01/2018 In Communion, Jesus also cures the illnesses of the mind: «Resurrect also the mind», in order to overcome ignorance, the lack of reflection, forgetfulness, dullness, superstition, prejudice, etc. May Jesus’ thoughts remain in us: «Christ lives in me» (ACV, p. 101).

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