The Council for Apostolate Meets

The newly constituted Council for Apostolate of the Province had its first meeting on 14th and 15thof February, 2018, at St Pauls Provincialate, Mumbai. Frs Sebastian Thomas (Director General of Apostolate), Prithvi Raj, Saju George, Anish Antony, Dominic D’Silva, Joby Mathew and David Pushpa Raj were present for the meeting.

At the outset, Fr D’Silva, the Provincial Councillor for the Apostolate, animated the members by sharing the vision of the Provincial Team, together with the valuable resources from the General Government and other relevant documents.

The Council discussed on several points outlined in the Documents of the XVII Provincial Chapter. Along with a selected team of Directors, the Council also reviewed a new software aimed at streamlining all our activities: Editorial, Production, Marketing, Sales, Book Centres and financial administration.


Agenda Paolina


* FSP: 1962 ad Adelaide (Australia).


† FSP: Sr. Elena Ramondetti (1999) - Sr. Maria da Conceição Carneiro Azevedo (2008) • PD: Sr. M. Franca Riba (2007) - Sr. M. Nivea Maestro (2012) • IGS: D. Armando Pesaresi (1985) - Mons. Achille Palmerini (2000) • ISF: Giuseppe Izzi (2006) - Luciano Andreoni (2008) - Antonietta Poddi (2010).


 22/03/2018 When one is young, the main resolution should be this, to say the least: I shall learn with commitment all that they teach me:… for the apostolate, for study, for the Sacred Liturgy (CISP, p. 792).

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