Daily Reflection


It is a common experience we have today—wherever some miraculous healing takes place, people flock to that place seeking healing. Large crowds followed Jesus wherever Jesus went for they knew that he could heal them. Mark tells us that this crowd was not only of people from Palestine but also from all the neighbouring places. Jesus healed them all lovingly and compassionately. To contrast the enthusiasm of the crowd seeking the divine healer there is hostility from the teachers of the law and the Pharisees. Our world today is seriously ailing and it can find healing only if it goes to the Lord who can heal. As disciples of Jesus, we too have a responsibility—to join hands with the Lord in his healing mission. We are called to work with him in the fight against every form of evil, whether we call it sickness, ignorance, hunger, hatred, indifference, solitude, sin or whatever….

2nd Week in Ordinary Time