The Chapter members started the day with the Eucharist. Fr Herman Dungdung, the main celebrant, in his homily urged the participants to formulate policies which give importance to human persons and to their holistic growth.

The day’s activities commenced with prayer led by Fr Peter and Fr Paul Kottackal. At this point, Fr Varghese, the President, shared some information with the assembly,and announced the election of Provincial Councillors. During the elections held, Fr Dominic SavioD’Silva, Fr JicksonMullasseriland Fr Michael John were elected Provincial Councillors and the members and the General Government team congratulated the newly elected councillors.

After a short break, the actuaries presented the previous day’s minutes and the floor was opened for clarifications. A little later, the actuaries presentedthe Priorities and the Operative Guidelines which were formulated in four respective groupsfor the themes: Bible Apostolate and Catechism Series, Publishing and Press, Pauline Periodicals.

In the afternoon, Fr Shinto Devasia, together with the technical team from 9 Star Software Company, introduced the newly designed website and the mobile application and invited Fr Superior General to launch the new website www.stpaulsbyb.com. Then, Fr Provincial and Br DarleiZanonlaunched the ST PAULS App android and ios version respectively. Fr Provincial Superior, on behalf of the entire Province, thanked Fr Shinto Devaisa and his team for the commendable project come true.

After the launch of ST PAULS App, the members continued the day’s activity. The Secretary introduced the theme of the day: Diffusion & Book Centres, Audio visual, Mini-media & Apps, and Marketing beginning with inputs from Br Darlei.

The members dispersed for the group discussion and returned to the chapter hall to listen to findings of the groups.

The daylong activities came to an end with evening prayer in small groups.


Agenda Paolina


† SSP: Fr. Tito Della Bartola (1972) - D. Armando Gualandi (1982) - D. Armando Giovannini (1991) - D. Egidio Spagnoli (2014) - Fr. Carmelino Bison (2016) • FSP: Sr. Ida Mazzucato (2015) • PD: Sr. M. Luisa Fallado (2006) •IGS: D. Angelo Mazzia (2015) • IMSA: Vincenza Lionetti (2009) - María Librada González Rodríguez (2015) • ISF: Benito Filemón Villa (1996) - Mario Pietrofeso (2004).


 18/01/2018 In Communion, Jesus also cures the illnesses of the mind: «Resurrect also the mind», in order to overcome ignorance, the lack of reflection, forgetfulness, dullness, superstition, prejudice, etc. May Jesus’ thoughts remain in us: «Christ lives in me» (ACV, p. 101).

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